The open, global platform for integrated travel.

Move ahead to the next generation of MaaS:
An open Marketplace for Mobility.

  • Discover any service
  • In-app on-boarding
  • Decentralised payments
  • The world’s best multi-modal routing

Technology for the Internet of Mobility

Iomob combines open source and blockchain technology to create the future of MaaS: Mobility Marketplaces.
Any participant can interact and connect with any other.


Decentralized Backend

We use decentralised technology so transport operators, startups and transit authorities can easily announce services to customers.


Open Network Model

An open network model allows any mobility provider (bus, car, or micromobility) to tap into a single customer demand pool.


Integrated Payments

Payments in cash, credit card, and cryptocurrency can be accepted. Payments can be split and commissions shared.

Mobility is Changing. Iomob is Powering It.

The urban mobility industry is a multi-trillion dollar market, and it’s changing fast.
Iomob helps people and companies in this system solve problems in new ways, to get ahead of competition, anticipate regulation, and exceed customer needs.

Public Transit Authorities

We create an open, transparent, and fair mobility marketplace in any region. Support and enable new services, while delivering on the city’s access and equity goals.

Transport Companies

Enables last-mile services to “snap on” to existing buses and trains, giving customers the end-to-end travel options they want.

OEMs & Autoclubs

Enables car companies to rapidly test new business models including carshare and carpool, and connect with non-car MaaS options.

Airlines & Airports

Get air passengers to their final destination by connecting to ground services, from within their own apps.

Mobility StartUps

Enable innovative new vehicle fleets to reach a large customer demand network, so startups can focus resources on better products and services.


Seamlessly connect with ground services to major locations and around precincts, all within the destination’s branded app.

Are you ready to move ahead to open mobility?