Empowering Companies, Public Authorities and Travelers to tap into the future of mobility.

Iomob’s user-friendly yet powerful platform goes beyond Mobility as a Service (MaaS), creating new opportunities for our clients to embrace the future of shared and green mobility and generate new value for their customers and employees.

By integrating Iomob’s platform into their existing customer-facing mobile application or website, clients can expand their core service offering with third-party mobility services, tapping into the power of an entire mobility ecosystem. This level of seamless integration enables clients to offer their customers true door-to-door mobility, utilizing a variety of modes of transport. Integrating Iomob’s platform means that a client’s end users can discover, plan, book, pay and validate their travel with and between cities, across multiple continents.

Iomob’s mobility on-demand platform was expertly designed to create an open yet secure environment that is readily available for integration into new or existing systems. This makes it easy for mobility providers to access the Iomob platform and be discoverable by travelers across Iomob’s vast network, creating a rich and varied mobility network enhancing value for customers.

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More Business Through Integration

By integrating Iomob’s mobility platform into their website or mobile application clients benefit from consolidating their mobility solution with a host of others providing a true door to door experience for their users. Through delivering a seamless and convenient travel experience, users are more likely to opt for alternative solutions to using a private vehicle for the entire journey.

Iomob’s platform is designed to complement the public transportation grid. By solving first and last-mile connectivity pain points, public transport authorities can increase their ridership and the level of convenience for end-users. Gaining access to a wealth of usage data gleaned from the Iomob platform backend, clients can make demand forecasts and quickly act to fill in mobility gaps.

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Rail passengers value integrated door-to-door mobility that reduces their travel anxiety and increases their comfort. Iomob’s pioneering RailMaaS makes it possible for rail operators to rival the convenience of air and car travel and deliver a comfortable, seamless and carefree travel experience.


Cities & Regions

Iomob’s mobility on-demand model elevates public authorities and makes them orchestrators of mobility ecosystems rather than acting as a MaaS operators. This gives them access to consolidated mobility data across the sector and empowers them to manage their mobility ecosystem more dynamically. This data can also be used to enact policies that improve the mobility of their citizens.


Corporate Mobility

CorporateMaaS makes it possible for corporations to offer their employees a multimodal travel solution for their daily commutes or business travels. Moreover, Iomob’s mobility platform directly contributes to the sustainability goals of business enterprises by reducing the carbon footprint of their employees’ travel. This is achieved through a rich offer of green mobility options and the option to offset the carbon impact of these journeys.

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