All Mobility Services, Integrated

Our platform is designed from the ground up to be globally plug and play to any app or website. 

We integrate any mode, any provider, and any vehicle and if our supply doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll expand it within days to ensure it can. Our flexible business model means you can gain access to our marketplace through APIs or SDKs integrated into your app or website. No matter what you choose, your customers or citizens will be able to discover, combine, book, pay, and fulfill any of the mobility services you choose to offer.


The Mobility Marketplace

We boast one of the largest global mobility marketplaces with more than 7000 MSPs across 8+ modes. And through just one integration, you can have access to all of them. Our decoupled stack means you can choose any modes, providers, and even vehicles you wish to access from the marketplace, tailoring a solution to fit you and your customers’ needs.

And for cities or regions? The marketplace enables you to offer different MaaS experiences through multiple apps or websites. Not everyone wants to see everything, and we get that.

What makes us different (and better)

A Truly Intermodal Journey Planner

Our in-house algorithm experts have built a world-leading intermodal journey planner. Our agnostic approach means any and all modes are incorporated into planning your route. Flexibility is our number one, and we know people’s travel behaviours won’t change overnight. That’s why we’ve developed the world’s first journey planner that allows you to incorporate your private vehicle for part of your journey.

Mobile SDKs

Building an app for multiple mobility modes is hard work. So, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our expert designers have created screen-by-screen flows for each and every mode we offer, all of which have been validated by clients and users alike. Our native iOS and Android SDKs can be customized with your corporate brand, and leverage payment processors, CRMs, or systems of your choice. 

Unified Mobility APIs 

Our APIs give you all the access and all the flexibility. You gain the same mobility marketplace and Iomob platform, but with this integration, tech savvy teams can build customized user interfaces for their users.