Iomob Platform: All Mobility Services, Integrated

Our platform is designed from the ground up to be globally plug and play to any app or any vehicle and integrates a wide range of mobility services, including micromobility, shared mobility, taxis, ride hailing, and public transit. These services can be accessed seamlessly via APIs, SDKs or a white label app that enable the discovery, combination, booking and payment of these mobility services from apps or any other kind of user interface.  


Integrations with Mobility Services

Our platform provides seamless access to all the integrated mobility services. You can view the Iomob platform as a marketplace of mobility services that you can integrate inside a range of front end interfaces. We strive to be inclusive and integrate as many mobility services as possible via our neutral, open marketplace policy.

Journey Planner – Our proprietary, multimodal routing algorithms find the best door-to-door trip plans for end-users to choose according to their needs, finding the fastest, most cost-effective, greenest or even most socially distant routes. The journey planner considers all the mobility services integrated in our platform, and can factor private vehicles owned by end-users.


Unified Mobility APIsOur APIs abstract out the details behind each provider integration, offering a unified mechanism for journey planning and provide the opportunity to access 100s of mobility suppliers. The APIs provide low-level access to our platform, so tech savvy teams can build customized user interfaces for their users without the complexities of each service. 

Mobile SDKsBuilding an app that includes all mobility modes is hard work. While you can build your own user interface, you can integrate our mobile SDKs to extend your apps to include the mobility services integrated in our platform. Our native iOS and Android SDKs can be customized with your corporate brand, and leverage payment processors, CRMs, or systems of your choice.  


Customizable White Label App Our Customizable White Label App can be custom branded for any organization, agency or enterprise that is looking to deliver a full stack, turn key shared mobility solution, from the ground up.  This solution includes everything you need (app, journey planner, routing, integrations) to get started quickly as a provider of shared mobility services.