Our Executive Team

  • Boyd Cohen, Ph.D
    Boyd Cohen, Ph.D CEO

  • Victor Lopez, Ph.D
    Victor Lopez, Ph.D Director Software Engineering

  • Josep Sanjuas, Ph.D
    Josep Sanjuas, Ph.D CTO

  • Adrian Ulisse
    Adrian Ulisse Chief Revenue Officer & Managing Director Iomob UK
  • Elizabeth Obediente
    Elizabeth Obediente Director of Product

We are Iomob and we simplify door-to-door journeys for your customers and employees.

From the beginning, our mission has been to support climate action by making sustainable mobility easily available and accessible through our mobility-on-demand platform.

We recognize that the necessary tools to decarbonize ground transport are readily available in many developed countries. This includes clean high-speed rail; public transit networks, electric vehicles, and shared mobility infrastructure. The missing element is the seamless merging of these separate modes of transport. Our goal is to accelerate the path to zero-carbon mobility by giving users the ability to efficiently discover, plan, book, and pay for these various options, delivering seamless, sustainable, multimodal journeys through a single app or website.

Going beyond Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to Mobility on Demand (MOD)

Iomob’s Mobility on Demand (MOD) platform goes beyond city limits and improves the traditional MaaS model to achieve what we believe is the future of seamless multimodal transportation.  Our technology facilitates the easy integration of Mobility Service Providers (MSPs). It allows their vehicles to be accessible to any user of an app or website that integrates Iomob’s platform.

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