Welcome to the Internet of Mobility

Iomob is a global team of smart city and technology experts, dedicated to building an open, fair and sustainable mobility marketplace. Our new generation MaaS technology powers seamless integration between public and private mobility.

Truly Multimodal

Combine public transit, ridehailing, bikes, scooters and more in a single journey.

Sign up for any service

Easily onboard to a new mobility provider without leaving the app.

Global Mobility Roaming™

Your locally branded app can connect to any Iomob hub around the globe.

Mobility Marketplace

Smart contracts can enable demand offloading between providers, and charge a fee to the recipient.

Create Open Mobility Marketplaces

Iomob’s open platform moves mobility beyond traditional MaaS, into a world of fully connected mobility marketplaces. Any provider, any app, anywhere, anytime.


Management Team

  • Boyd Cohen, Ph.D
    Boyd Cohen, Ph.D CEO, Co-Founder

    Smart Cities & Shared Mobility Expert

  • Josep Sanjuas, Ph.D
    Josep Sanjuas, Ph.D CTO, Co-Founder

    Technologist & Entrepreneur

  • Victor Lopez, Ph.D (ABD)
    Victor Lopez, Ph.D (ABD) Director Software Eng., Co-Founder

    Algorithmics & AI Expert

  • Boris Lunoff
    Boris Lunoff VP of Operations


  • Scott Shepard
    Scott Shepard Chief Business Officer

    Urbanist & Mobility visionary

  • Phil Williams
    Phil Williams Director of Strategic Projects


  • Bo Shen
    Bo Shen Founding & Managing Partner

    Fenbushi Capital

  • David Lee
    David Lee Co-Founder


  • Susan Shaheen
    Susan Shaheen Shared Mobility Expert

    UC Berkeley

  • Bruce Oliver
    Bruce Oliver Micromobility podcast co-host

    Angel investor and co-host of the Micromobility Podcast

  • Praveen Subramani
    Praveen Subramani Urban Mobility & Energy Expert

    Principal Product Manager, Turo

Investors & Partners

Media & Publications