MaaS 4 Public Transit

Our mobility middleware platform is designed to simplify the complexities of today’s fragmented mobility marketplace which is particularly relevant for regional and national public authorities.

By integrating with Iomob’s platform, established public and private mobility apps can be enhanced with a dedicated MaaS and multimodal journey planning capability, allowing citizens to easily access all the relevant mobility options in their region. 

Regional and National Transit Authorities should run the show

Our solution enables Transit Authorities to act as MaaS orchestrators, providing them with the tools to drive development within the regional mobility ecosystem through rules-based governance. 

With Iomob’s platform’s consolidated mobility data, public authorities can dynamically manage and adapt the mobility ecosystem, even in times of crisis, ensuring the highest standards of service for their citizens.

Why “Open”?

At Iomob, our open approach means that our middleware solution reduces friction in the marketplace. We’re agnostic to any provider offering mobility services in the area, making it easy for them to integrate with our platform. 

Our interoperable platform and ease of integration helps avoid monopolization of the mobility ecosystem and leads to a higher level of service to customers. It literally transcends borders, connecting neighboring mobility services and beyond. 

The Road to Sustainable Mobility

Iomob’s innovative solution is designed to address the long-term goal of reducing car ownership and dependence while also catering to current needs. Our journey planner incorporates personal vehicles as part of a multimodal journey, making it easy for users to plan their trips while also encouraging green alternatives. Our platform promotes sustainable transportation choices by offering options such as public transit, micromobility, and shared mobility services.

Through our practical approach, we are empowering users to make sustainable choices and transition towards a more environmentally-friendly mobility ecosystem. By combining personal vehicles and green transportation alternatives, we are paving the way for a future with reduced car ownership and greater sustainability.