Cities & Regions

Iomob creates an open mobility marketplace enabling Municipalities or Regional / Local Public Transport Authorities to retain trust, and allowing agencies to orchestrate a MaaS ecosystem that achieves the goals of emissions and congestion reduction, fewer car journeys, and increased active travel.

Iomob offers an open and interoperable plug and play marketplace with deeply integrated public and private mobility services for Cities and Regions, specifically, regional and public transport authorities, and municipalities. Our B2G customers operate the Iomob platform under their own brand, retaining their customer/employee connection and value.

Iomob’s technology platform for Cities & Regions enables seamless, multimodal travel over an open network with a large number of mobility service providers (MSPs). This open architecture empowers PTAs and third party MaaS providers to deliver consumer-facing mobility apps to their users.  Our Mobile SDK is modular and can combine intermodal algorithms, legacy transit ticketing systems and integrations of several private mobility services (taxis, ride-hailing, micromobility) for use within existing B2C apps.