Cities, Regions and Nations

Iomob’s open and interoperable marketplace is designed for the complex realities of today’s fragmented mobility marketplace.  

The platform is optimized for regional and national public authorities. Multiple public and private mobility apps are often well established and we think they can be supercharged alongside a dedicated MaaS application. 

Through the app they are familiar with, citizens can tap into all the relevant mobility their region has to offer, nudging them towards more shared and sustainable transport modes. 

Iomob’s open approach means any organisation in your region can also expand their mobility offering, be it hotels, rail operators, or corporates, Iomob stimulates local innovation. 

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Public Authorities should run the show

Our solution empowers Public Authorities to become MaaS orchestrators, meaning they can drive developments with rules-based governance ensuring the highest standards within the regional mobility ecosystem. With the consolidated mobility data provided by Iomob’s platform, public authorities can adapt and manage the mobility ecosystem more dynamically, even in times of crisis. 

Why “Open”?

At Iomob, we pride ourselves on our open approach. But what does this mean for you? Iomob are an agnostic middleware provider meaning our solution reduces friction in the marketplace. We don’t own the customer, nor do we want to. Any provider offering their mobility services in the area can easily be integrated or integrate themselves into Iomob’s platform and multiple companies and organizations in the same location can supercharge their apps and websites to offer their customers mobility-on-demand services. 

The interoperable nature of the platform and ease of integration helps avoid monopolization of the mobility ecosystem and leads to a higher level of service to customers. Our solution is not only open technically, but it literally transcends borders. By implementing Iomob’s open mobility marketplace platform, authorities are investing in a solution that connects neighboring mobility services and beyond.

The Road to MaaS 

The end-goal may be to significantly reduce car ownership and dependency, but this is far from today’s reality. Iomob’s solution caters for now, the future, and everyday in between. Our leading journey planner has the ability to incorporate their personal vehicle as part of a multimodal journey whilst offering and encouraging green viable alternatives when a user is planning a trip. 

Making Net-zero Journeys a Reality 

Iomob’s ambitious Net -Zero Carbon solution gives accurate and highly granular carbon labelling and offsetting across any multimodal journey booked through our platform.  With partner Carbon Click, Iomob are enabling Location-Based Carbon Offsets meaning the offsets benefit certified projects in the country or region where the journeys were booked.


To request a demo or discuss how Iomob’s open marketplace can benefit your organization, contact Iomob’s Chief Revenue Officer, Adrian Ulisse