Improve your customers’ travel experience and reduce their travel anxiety by proposing first and last-mile mobility solutions in addition to your rail offer.

What is RailMaaS?

Rail MaaS extends national, regional, and city rail services to a new generation of mobility services.

RailMaaS is an open mobility-on-demand platform designed to help rail operators integrate their services with all other public and private mobility services. Using RailMaaS, any rail provider can launch their own MaaS solution, using their own brand.

Benefits of deploying RailMaaS

  • Generate more rail journeys by proposing a more attractive alternative to private car journeys and short-haul flights through a seamless D2D planning experience.
  • Retain and grow a direct digital relationship with customers by creating new unique value propositions.
  • Remove transit point anxiety by providing detailed and intuitive station connection information and automatic rebooking of last-mile services based on live train information.
  • Increase personalized service to your customers based on detailed information about their travel needs.

How does it work?

  • Seamless D2D Rail Journeys: Users can book and pay for their advance rail ticket, then immediately with a couple of clicks add their first and last mile legs to journey including parking, taxi, micromoblity, coach and shuttles and car hire.
  • Intuitive Planning: In-house journey planner considers driving your own car to the station, prevailing road traffic conditions, connection times from the car and across the station to the platform and automatically identifies set pick and and drop off points.
  • Seamless Travel: First/Last mile services can be booked via the web or the app and are all fulfilled inside your existing rail app or through a D2D rail companion App.
  • In Destination Mobility: Customers visiting a city want easy access to all the mobility services available, they don’t have time to download all the various mobility apps. Iomob all city mobility services to be discovered used inside your existing rail app. Generating additional revenue and better customer experiences .

To request a demo or discuss how Iomob’s mobility-on-demand platform can benefit your organization, contact Iomob’s Chief Revenue Officer, Adrian Ulisse