Door-to-Door Rail Solution

Elevate your customers’ rail journey with a smooth and hassle-free door-to-door experience through Iomob’s mobility middleware solution. Our solution seamlessly integrates various public and private mobility services to provide a comprehensive first and last mile travel option for your customers.

Integrating Iomob’s middleware into your app and website, you can offer your customers a complete door-to-door solution, expanding your reach to new generations of travelers. With easy planning and booking of first and last-mile transportation options, travel anxiety is reduced, and the overall travel experience is enhanced.

Benefits of deploying RailMaaS

Discover the benefits of deploying Iomob’s D2D Rail solution to enhance your rail services and generate more journeys. With a seamless door-to-door planning experience, your customers will have an attractive alternative to private car journeys and short-haul flights. 

Not only will you retain and grow a direct digital relationship with customers, but you’ll also provide detailed and intuitive station connection information and automatic rebooking of last-mile services based on live train information.

How does it work?

Our D2D Rail solution provides seamless door-to-door journeys for rail passengers. With just a few clicks, users can book and pay for their rail ticket and add their first and last-mile legs to their journey, including parking, taxis, micromobility, coach and shuttle services, and car hire. Our in-house journey planner takes into account traffic conditions, connection times, and identifies set pick-up and drop-off points for a hassle-free travel experience.

All first and last-mile services can be booked via your website or app, and are fulfilled inside your existing rail app. 

Say goodbye to transit connection anxiety and hello to a more personalized and intuitive seamless rail travel experience with Iomob’s D2D Rail solution.

To request a demo or discuss how Iomob’s mobility-on-demand platform can benefit your organization, contact Iomob’s Chief Revenue Officer, Adrian Ulisse