Iomob’s Corporate MaaS solution is the world’s first open and interoperable B2B solution seamlessly enabling businesses to offer global mobility roaming, multi-city MaaS platforms to their employees and consumers with carbon tracking and new social distance features allowing increased safety.

Corporations and business enterprises have the challenge to promote sustainability, and to encourage alternative modes of mobility for their employees and consumers. To provide a complete menu of available options , innovative businesses seek to embrace digital transformation and to provide complementary experiences to employees supporting seamless journey experiences, mobility benefits, and bundled invoicing.

Iomob offers an open and interoperable global mobility roaming, multi-city white-label Corporate MaaS solution, for B2B enterprise clients. Businesses can operate the Iomob platform with their own corporate brand, retaining their employee connection and value. Our technology enables connection of all types of services, shared revenues, and advanced multimodal routing.

Corporate MaaS Features

Hub Software, Management tools, SDK/API, and white-label, enabling:

  • Classification of work or personal journeys
  • User customized multimodal routing
  • Bundled invoicing and expense reporting
  • Carbon tracking, eco and social distance filters
  • Integrated mobility payments
  • Employee mobility benefits and gamification