Corporate Mobility

Iomob delivers a comprehensive mobility solution that streamlines your team’s commute.

Human capital is the most important resource in any business. At the same time, an employee’s commute is consistently ranked as a key factor in their work life. This creates a distinct opportunity to differentiate your company from the others by bolstering your employee-benefit scheme with a painless and comprehensive mobility solution. Your employees will be empowered to utilize a wide range of mobility options including public transport, e-bikes, e-scooters, taxis, carsharing, and other on-demand services.

In addition to empowering employees, Iomob’s platform also empowers businesses to meet their sustainability targets more effectively by offering carbon offset options and detailed emission reporting for their employees’ commute.

From simplifying the commute to reaching sustainability goals, here are the key benefits of Iomob’s mobility platform to your company:

Strengthen your employer brand

Attract and retain talent by adding an innovative commute solution that your team will use regularly.


Accelerate your journey to net-zero

Reduce your company’s global carbon footprint by offering your employees access to a wide range of sustainable mobility options and offset the entire footprint of their commutes.


Reduce your administrative burden

Process all your mobility expenses, set budgets, and generate HR and Finance reports, all from one dashboard.


Free up your car park space

Save on parking lot space and costs by offering attractive your employees with attractive alternatives to car usage.

Taking your team’s commute to the next level, here is how they can benefit from having access to Iomob’s mobility solution:

Benefit from a simplified mobility budget

Remove the guesswork with access to a monthly mobility wallet that can be used across mobility providers through a single, easy-to-use app.


Gain access to the world of shared mobility

Having access to comprehensive mobility options empowers employees to untether themselves to their cars and choose more efficient and sustainable options.


Optimize daily commute

Each employee’s commute is not created equal. Commutes can even change day-to-day. By allowing employees to choose what works for them, and when, they are empowered to customize their best commute.


Increase wellbeing

With access to active mobility options including bicycles and scooters, employees can choose to exercise during their commute. Active mobility was found to promote higher levels of physical and mental health.


Enjoy the freedom of mobility

By giving your employees a wide range of options, they are empowered to create a route that works for them, then change it at will.

Key features of Iomob’s mobility-on-demand solution for your company and employees:

Comprehensive dashboard where your HR department can:

    • Set and manage the mobility budget of each employee
    • Consolidate invoicing based on real consumption; you only pay for what your employees actually use, up to the preassigned budget
    • Generate reports on mobility usage and gain insights into the needs and preferences of your employees’ commute

Zero Carbon functionality enables you to retrieve reports about the total carbon footprint of your employees’ commute. Iomob’s platform empowers individuals and businesses to offset the CO2 emissions generated through the use of the various mobility options booked through the platform. These carbon offsets are location-based, so they directly benefit the community where you do business.

Customization of routes created based on employee preferences. Your employees can choose the fastest, greenest, or the most physically active route to the office.

The mobility wallet feature lets your employees keep track of their mobility spending for the month as well as their remaining funds.

Powerful mobility-as-a-service technology fuels the back end of our corporate mobility platform. It is the same deep-tech platform used by our commercial clients such as rail operators LNER, Renfe, and Brightline, as well as public authorities like the Skane region in Sweden.