Iomob and Card4B deliver MaaS in Quadrilátero

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Iomob and Card4B’s are pleased to announce their partnership to implement an innovate MaaS solution in Quadrilátero, Portugal. This is a significant step towards providing seamless and sustainable mobility solutions for residents and tourists in the region.

Card4B, a leading Portuguese systems integrator, will manage the integration of the journey planner with local transportation services.

Quadrilátero is a region located in the north of Portugal, encompassing four cities: Barcelos, Braga, Famalicão, Guimarães.This collaboration aims to tackle the mobility challenges that urban areas like Quadrilátero face, such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and limited access to sustainable transportation options.

Iomob’s mobility middleware platform provides an open and interoperable solution that connects various mobility services in a single interface, making it easier for users to navigate their options.The journey planner incorporates public transit from six operators, making it easier for users to plan and execute sustainable trips.

Quadrilátero is a region known for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and bustling economy. With this partnership, Iomob and Card4B hope to promote sustainable transportation options and reduce the environmental impact of transportation in the region. The journey planner will provide a cost-effective and convenient alternative to private vehicles, which will reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

By implementing this innovative journey planner in Quadrilátero, Iomob and Card4B are setting an example for other regions and cities worldwide. Sustainable transportation options are essential for reducing the environmental impact of transportation and improving the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Iomob is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable mobility solutions, and partnering with Card4B to bring our technology to Quadrilátero is a significant step towards creating a more connected and sustainable future.

We are delighted to work with Card4B, an organization that shares our vision for a more sustainable future and believe that our collaboration will have a significant impact on Quadrilátero’s future, promoting economic growth, reducing traffic congestion, and improving air quality.

At Iomob, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future, and our partnership with Card4B is a testament to this commitment. We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration will bring, and we look forward to working together on future projects that will transform the way people move and live in Quadrilátero and beyond.

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