Iomob and Uber Partner to Revolutionize Seamless Rail Travel

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London, August 10th , 2023 – Iomob, a leading provider of mobility as a service (MaaS) solutions, is proud to announce that its groundbreaking middleware platform is now being utilized by Brightline to enable door-to-door seamless rail travel in collaboration with Uber services.

Furthermore, Iomob is excited to reveal an ongoing partnership with Uber to launch a similar project in Europe, set to go live later this year, while also exploring additional opportunities within the region.

By combining Iomob’s middleware platform with Brightline’s rail services and Uber’s ride-hailing capabilities, passengers can now experience a truly connected and streamlined travel experience. With seamless synchronization between rail and ride-hail services, travelers can effortlessly plan, book, and pay for their entire journey, eliminating the need for multiple applications or tickets. This partnership aims to enhance the convenience and accessibility of rail travel, transforming the way people move within cities.

Adrian Ulisse, Managing Director of Iomob, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Uber marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize the future of mobility. By integrating Iomob’s middleware platform with Uber’s extensive ride-hailing network, we are empowering passengers with seamless and convenient travel options. Together with Brightline, we are shaping a new era of interconnected transportation solutions.”

Dmitriy Vanchugov, Head of Transit Partnerships, Global at Uber, shared his perspective on the partnership, saying, “Uber is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable transportation options to riders worldwide. By partnering with Iomob, we can leverage our technology and vast network to create a seamless rail travel experience. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to transforming urban mobility and making travel more efficient and convenient for passengers.”

The collaboration between Iomob and Uber extends beyond the Brightline project. The two companies are actively working on an ambitious project in Europe, set to launch later this year. The project aims to revolutionize multimodal transportation by integrating various modes of travel, including public transit, ride-hailing, and micro-mobility options. This initiative will reshape the way people travel across European cities, providing a comprehensive and sustainable mobility solution.


About Iomob: Iomob is a leading provider of middleware solutions for mobility as a service (MaaS). Their platform seamlessly integrates various transportation services, simplifying travel planning and enhancing the overall passenger experience. Iomob is committed to creating interconnected and sustainable transportation ecosystems, revolutionizing the future of mobility.


About Uber: Uber is a global leader in ride-hailing and mobility services, connecting millions of riders to drivers worldwide. By leveraging innovative technology and extensive networks, Uber aims to transform urban transportation, making it more accessible and efficient for riders across the globe.



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