Iomob Signs CMAC to Expand First and Last-Mile Transport Options for Partners

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Iomob is excited to announce a new partnership with CMAC, expanding our mobility offer to customers worldwide. As a result of this agreement, CMAC will join Iomob’s Mobility Marketplace Network, enabling customers of Iomob’s partners to access CMAC’s seamless first and last-mile transportation services.

With the integration of CMAC into Iomob’s Mobility Marketplace Network, our partners can use CMAC’s services via their own platforms. Customers will be able to request first and last-mile transportation with just a few clicks, planning their trips in advance with nationwide coverage. Additionally, customers can select between different vehicle types, including wheelchair accessible vehicles, and comfort categories, ensuring they receive the best transportation experience.

Through the partnership with CMAC, Iomob can provide our partners with a comprehensive and reliable transportation service, giving them the confidence to use shared mobility. Our mission at Iomob is to provide seamless and convenient transportation solutions for people worldwide, combining public, private, and personal mobility options. By partnering with CMAC, we can offer our customers even more options for their first and last-mile transportation needs.

We are thrilled to welcome CMAC to our Mobility Marketplace Network and look forward to working together closely to deliver innovative mobility solutions to customers worldwide. With CMAC’s expertise, we are confident that our customers will have access to convenient and reliable service in urban and remote locations across the UK.

As we continue to expand our Mobility Marketplace Network, we are dedicated to providing our partners and customers with the best transportation options available. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with our partners’ missions, and we are excited to work together to create a brighter future for transportation.

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