MaaS Operational Frameworks & Use Cases – Iomob Open Mobility Webinar (Nov 26)

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Iomob is pleased to announce the next episode of our monthly Open Mobility webinar series. Here, we’ll be covering the topic of “MaaS Operational Frameworks & Use Cases”. While there has been much discussion over the recent months regarding the long term potential for MaaS, we will be analyzing concrete examples in action. Specifically, the following topics will be addressed:

* Specific use cases of how MaaS is currently being operationalized in public implementations
* Frameworks (policy, regulation, tech) that are necessary to ensure MaaS can be a sustainable alternative to private cars
* Key barriers to entry for widespread MaaS consumer adoption
* Incentives that can be leveraged to make MaaS a preferred mobility alternative
* Future outlook for MaaS ecosystem and commercial / business models

Joining us on the panel discussion are esteemed MaaS industry leaders including:

* Piia Karjalainen, Secretary General (MaaS Alliance)
* Aurelien Cottet, Innovation Project Leader (Transdev)
* Adrian Ulisse, Chief Business Officer & President (Iomob UK)

Webinar will moderated by Iomob’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Shepard

Thursday, November 26, 5:00pm – 6:00pm (Central European Time)

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