Iomob and TIER Join Forces to Expand Sustainable Mobility Options on Iomob’s Marketplace Network

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Iomob is pleased to announce a new partnership with TIER mobility, Europe’s leading shared micro-mobility provider. The partnership will enable Iomob partners to offer sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options to its users through connection to the Mobility Marketplace Network.

The world is shifting towards a more sustainable and efficient mode of transportation, and micro-mobility has emerged as a key player in the industry. By partnering with TIER, Iomob’s Mobility Marketplace Network will now offer e-scooters and e-bikes as a sustainable transportation option for partners and their users. This move will allow Iomob’s partners to expand their mobility offerings and provide users with a convenient, reliable, and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

With TIER’s expertise in micro-mobility and Iomob’s connected platform, Iomob partners gain access to more comprehensive and reliable globalservices.

With Iomob’s platform, users can easily plan, book, and pay for their TIER ride, as well as unlock and lock scooters, all within the same app, alongside other modes of transportation, such as parking and ride-hailing.

Iomob’s Mobility Marketplace Network connects the global demand for mobility solutions with the global and local supply, providing safe, reliable, and stress-free mobility solutions for everyone, everywhere. By partnering with TIER, Iomob’s partners can now offer their users a sustainable micro-mobility option, while also promoting a greener and more sustainable future for cities worldwide.

Users can easily access TIER’s e-scooters and e-bikes through Iomob’s platform, allowing them to plan their trips and choose the best transportation option for their needs. This not only provides users with a more convenient and seamless experience but also reduces the need for private car ownership and promotes a more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

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