Iomob takes next step on the path to net-zero and joins Leaders for Climate Action

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The carbon clock is ticking, and we have less than 24 years to reach zero emissions to limit global warming to a maximum of 2oC. Change in all areas of society is required to avoid irreversible damage to our planet. Transport is a major polluter, responsible for 8Bn tonnes of CO2 being emitted annually. Out of these, multimodal mobility can help avoid 1,34Bn tonnes of CO2 annually worldwide, according to our latest research.

At Iomob, climate action is part of our DNA and a decisive factor in how we run our company. We are committed to accelerating the use of low-carbon multimodal mobility through our mobility-on-demand platform and significantly contribute to the CO2 savings that multimodality is set to reach. Our efforts do not stop here and Iomob made the tangible commitment to the zero-carbon economy by joining more than 1,000 other entrepreneurs and executives, and 300 organizations as part of Leaders for Climate Action. Iomob joins companies such as Spotify, Canva, Tier, Voi, FlixBus, and many others to commit to the Green Pledge” and making the digital industry climate-neutral. Leaders for Climate Action calls for the immediate introduction of effective CO2 pricing as well as the expansion to 100% renewable energy.

To ensure that Iomob delivers on its sustainability goals and continues to engage with other organizations committed to doing the same, Iomob appoints Luciano Strucchi as our new Climate Officer in addition to his existing responsibilities as Project and Operations Manager. Luciano is tasked with implementing plans to mitigate our own emissions on our path to zero-carbon operations.  He will also work with the entire Iomob team, our clients, and our partners to accelerate zero-carbon multimodal journeys around the globe.


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