Webinar: Accelerating low carbon mobility with public transit and multimodality

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Iomob continues the successful Net-Zero webinar series with a new edition entitled “Accelerating low carbon mobility with public transit and multimodality”, taking place on 13 July 2021 at 17:00-18:00 CET| 11:00- 12:00 EST.


Transport remains one of the major polluters around the world. According to our recent research, the use of multimodal mobility could help avoid around 1,34 Bn tonnes of CO2 annually if deployed on a global scale. Public transit is an integral part of multimodal mobility and this webinar will discuss how to best position public transit to deliver on multimodality goals and considerably reduce the CO2 emissions associated with transport.

Join a lively round table discussion that will seek answers to some of the following questions:

  • What role can public transit play in decarbonization?
  • How can MaaS be an enabler for public transit to deliver low carbon multimodality?
  • Will public transit agencies leverage stimulus funding to influence modal shift?
  • Can mobility access be leveraged as a more sustainable KPI for public transit success?
  • Is public transit the best orchestrator of shared mobility services in a region?
  • How can e-mobility hubs and public transit jointly accelerate low carbon multimodality?

To discuss these topics is an international panel that will offer both a European and US perspective:

  • Isabelle Vandoorne- Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission DG Move
  • Carol Schweiger- President, Schweiger Consulting
  • Crissy Ditmore- Principal, Spartan Edge

Scott Shepard, Iomob’s VP of Global Public Sector, will be moderating the discussion.

Registering for the event is easy, you can access the registration page here.

This webinar is the second one in Iomob’s Net-Zero webinar series. Upcoming topics include:

  • Combining rail and multimodal mobility on the path to net-zero
  • Net-zero multimodal journeys and Location-Based Carbon Offsets
  • Carbon disclosure and the black box of employee mobility

If you have missed the first webinar of the series, “On the path to net-zero through multimodality”, you can access it here

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