Iomob Partnering with Next Earth Metaverse

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Earlier in 2022, Iomob announced its intentions to commence plans to decentralize and tokenize the Internet of Mobility this year.  Iomob was founded in 2018 with these intentions but the market was not ready, leading us to build Iomob with a more centralized approach.

Recently, Iomob deployed its first NFT campaign, the Miami Mobsters, as an indication of our commitment to blockchain.  Today, Iomob is excited to announce the next stage of our blockchain collaborations: a strategic partnership with Next Earth, one of the most promising metaverse projects in the market. Unlike other virtual-world focused metaverse projects, Next Earth is the only blockchain-based metaverse which is based on satellite images of Planet Earth.

“Next Earth and Iomob are the perfect match and use case. Developing methods to visualize and experience sustainable travel within Next Earth fundamentally aligns with the natural evolution and utility that is at the core of our environment,” said Gabor Retfalvi, CEO of Next Earth. “Enabling Next Earthians to visualize and book transportation in a way that highlights sustainable choices, is a natural extension of our environmental ethos and community-driven approach to providing our users with a premium, utility-first experience.”

As expected, Next Earth has a very high commitment to raising awareness for environmental issues (they allocate 10% of all land sales to environmental charities as chosen by the Next Earth community, Next Earthians).

Iomob will be providing a core transport layer (“screen mode”) to make the global transportation ecosystem transparently accessible in the Next Earth. This will facilitate discovery of virtual land over transportation landmarks, such as train stations and airports.  Yet, the more ambitious plans we have relate to enabling transportation and travel operators to offer more immersive explorations of travel options prior to actually booking them in the Next Earth.

While such a booking experience for travel is a cool counter-intuitive use of the metaverse -since it is assumed one benefit of the metaverse is precisely that it removes the need to physically travel anywhere – it raises questions about how to blend the metaverse with the real world.

Once a user has booked a journey leveraging Iomob’s transportation layer in the Next Earth, how can they access that journey when they are on the go, for example to access the QR code for a train or plane?  And what about leveraging Iomob´s growing network of shared and sustainable mobility services for solving first and last mile and “destination mobility services”?

Here is where Iomob’s latest product comes in.  The “companion app” allows IoM network clients to offer their users a way to import their journey booked through any interface (e.g., web, kiosk, a different app, and now the metaverse) to access their QR code while assembling first and last mile and destination mobility services on demand through the companion app.  The companion app will really come in handy for Next Earthians to take their travel bookings with them on the go.


Today, we are also announcing our first multinational travel partner who will be joining us on our metaverse journey. Stay tuned for that information as well!

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