Meet the women shaping the future of mobility at Iomob

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Celebrating International Women’s Day today, and in the context of Women’s History Month, we take a moment to recognise the pivotal contributions our female colleagues have made to Iomob’s current and future success. It is important for us at Iomob to design a Mobility on Demand (MoD) platform that is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all users. This is possible in part thanks to our increased gender balance in the team. Today it is about our female colleagues.

In the product development team, our Product Manager, Elizabeth Obediente, continuously champions innovative features that improve the mobility experience of users. Thanks to her initiative, Iomob’s platform offers the possibility to opt for greener modes of transport and reduce the carbon footprint of journeys. Moreover, our colleague Inmaculada Berjon, UX/UI Designer applies her talent and experience to make Iomob’s platform easy to use, for example by minimising the number of steps to book a new ride. At the same time, Iomob’s Maria Puy uses her background in telecommunications engineering to ensure that Android users have a smooth experience when booking mobility services through their phones.

On the commercial side, Irina Patrascu-Grant, VP of Marketing, is the newest member of Iomob’s executive team. She is focused on ensuring that our values, the positive impact we create with our MoD solution, and our successes are known to our clients and the mobility community at large. Julie Jacobson Möller, Director of Sales and Business Development for Global Rail, is the driving force behind including the rail sector in the multimodal offering on our platform. She is passionate about social change and is convinced that Iomob’s solution can increase the use of rail instead of private cars and short-distance flights. Our youngest team member, Jessica Ulisse, Junior Sales, brings to Iomob the knowledge she acquired during her education at Oxford University and her passion for the transport sector. Jessica helps Iomob gain first-hand insights into the young generation of consumers and their use patterns of mobility. Anna Lara supports the entire team, making sure that the administrative work is carried out diligently so that the rest of the colleagues can focus on creating a seamless mobility journey through Iomob’s platform.

In addition to their expertise and hard work, our colleagues enrich Iomob’s team with new perspectives on how we can more effectively empower clients to deliver seamless mobility to everyone. Iomob promotes team diversity and is committed to achieving a gender-balanced team as we continue to grow.

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